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JISC Digitisation Strategy Discussion

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JISC Digitisation Strategy Discussion page


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Q1)       Please comment on the JISC approach to developing a digitisation



Q2)       Please comment on any implications of the JISC digitisation

strategy on education and research in the UK and/or abroad?


Q3)       Do you agree with the JISC's methodology and prioritisation of

collections for digitisation?


Q4)       Please comment on the JISC's main drivers in aspiring to create

digital collections?


Q5)       Do you agree that the JISC should continue to maintain, increase

or decrease it digitisation activities?


Q6)       What other drivers or factors do you consider the JISC take into

account as it continues to develop it's digitisation strategy that meets

the needs of education and research in the UK and/or abroad?


Q7)       What additional comments do you have regarding the digitisation


Comments (3)

Anonymous said

at 9:29 am on Jul 20, 2007


The intention to be user focussed is essential but if point 9 is to be achieved considerable additional work will be needed to bridge the presentation gap.

(9. The JISC will work to ensure that collections digitised through its funding reaches audiences beyond its own community, in particular by opening up access to publicly funded schools and libraries. It will also seek sources of funding to ensure that its digital collections can be contextualised to meet the particular needs of these audiences.)

One of the striking features of the presentation from Matthew Steggler was the wide variety of assets brought together for effective learning and teaching. There is a danger of projects having and implying a single use / subject area / interest area. As a teacher I will / want to draw on several asset collections pulling resources into relevant learning objects. As each is developed with its own look and feel this requires me to learn for each one. Common search and user interfaces could help.

Anonymous said

at 9:43 am on Jul 20, 2007

Building on the previous point as the content is standards compliant surely priority should be given to a single search across all project repositories picking up on the strong messages from Thursday's presenters... access, access, access!

Anonymous said

at 11:54 am on Jul 20, 2007

Q5 JISC should continue to increase its digitisation activities?

There is so much potential for the digitised materials outside the curriculum areas which would have used the analogue materials especially in the FE sector.

James Clay

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